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Quora: What are things to do around Quito, Ecuador?

Answer by Kathryn Schroeder:

Banos is one of the easiest destinations to get to if you only have the weekend, being around 3 hours away by bus. There are plenty of activities there, including mountain climbing, hiking, rafting, and zip lining. It is also a beautiful town to simply walk around and enjoy. If you want to know where to eat while there read this: The Gringo Restaurants In Banos, Ecuador Failed Me – Traveling With Cookies  — thank me later when you have not been poisoned. 😉

Another great option is Mindo, also a few hours away by bus. It is a cloud forest town, very small and cozy, and full of beauty. You can easily get lost in Mindo for days, it is that special. 

The beaches are a great destination but they will take you over eight hours each way to reach so you really need more time than a weekend. I do recommend Tonsupa, Canoa, and Crucita if you decide to go beachside. While I loved the Galapagos, and spent 3 weeks there, you will not be happy going for a short time. Try to schedule some time after you complete work to go there before heading home. It is one of the best places I have ever been, and plan to return next year when my visa allows me back in the country.

What are things to do around Quito, Ecuador?

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