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Welcome To Mindo, Ecuador …Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirt, Socks, And My Sweater

It only took seven hours by non-airconditioned bus, but I have arrived in Mindo, Ecuador. Mindo is known as the cloud forest of Ecuador. It is a luscious forest, where everything is green, the birds are constantly chirping, and the hummingbirds, especially, enjoy their time buzzing to an fro for the delight of the lucky who can watch them in their natural habitat. Mindo’s town consists of one main road, filled with restaurants, tiendas, and the occasional tour merchant. A tourist town for sure, where you actually encounter others who “look” like you (a shock to the system really for me as I actually spotted a fellow blonde walking the street). As for the people of Mindo, they are as friendly as can be. Even the children smile and say hello as you walk by. The weather just may be the best thing after a month on the coast with a never-ending stream of heat, regardless of the time of day. It is a crisp 56 degrees in Mindo today. Translation: heavenly.

The Flowers Bloom In Mindo, Ecuador

The Flowers Bloom In Mindo, Ecuador

With a change of climate comes a change of clothes. The jeans, sweater, socks, and other cold weather clothing I have been lugging around with me for months on end are finally being put to use. As are the mosquito-repellant leggings I purchased in Bucaramanga, Colombia. They are, this time around, for warmth. They help with the mosquitos here too, but the mosquitos in Mindo, Ecuador have been practically non-existent; those who do manage to come near me meet an early death–I have killed seven today alone, and counting. I have no regrets.

My Cabin In Mindo, Ecuador

My Cabin In Mindo, Ecuador

Let the cold weather envelope me for the next week, or two. In preparation the first evening I wore my leggings, jeans, a t-shirt, socks, and a sweater. I was sweating after walking to dinner but I cannot tell you how good it felt to be able to remove clothing in order to regulate my body temperature. No more having to sit in front of a fan while I pant from the heat. Here, I welcome the three blankets on my bed. Lest I forget to mention the VERY hot showers. Oh, a hot shower, how I have missed thee.

I love the beach, and the sound of the ocean waves serenading me to sleep. I also love being surrounded by nature. Waking up to birds singing in the trees, or a rooster crowing at dawn. Ecuador has proven to be beautiful, and full of varying climates to enjoy. I will look forward to returning to the beach when I set foot on the Galapagos Islands in a month. For now, I shall embrace the fact that my toes get cold before bed, and my trusty sweater is an old friend I happily am saying hello too again after far too much time.

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