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Solo Travel In Denmark: Airbnb To The Rescue

Planning to solo travel in Denmark? Sign up now for Airbnb–you are going to need it.

Denmark is an expensive country to travel in whether you are on your own or with someone else. I was shocked to discover that hostels are a bit of a foreign concept in Denmark. Outside of Copenhagen there is really just one chain operating, Dan Hostels, and while they have locations in all of the major tourist destinations their prices are anything but what you may be used to seeing. After the conversion, you could be looking at as much as $50/night for a dorm bed and $100/night if you want a private room. Ouch! Plus the cost of linens and a towel because they are not included.

Copenhagen: Where bike parking outnumbers car parking.

Copenhagen: Where bike parking outnumbers car parking.

The reality of Denmark is that it is sometimes cheaper to stay at a hotel or bed & breakfast than in what they refer to as a hostel. Copenhagen does have more options for hostels, like the brand-new Urban House, but the prices are not set. If you happen to arrive on a busy day or week or time of year you will notice the prices change accordingly. Last minute pop-ins to a hostel in Copenhagen could cost you four times what the price would have been if you booked weeks ahead. Hostels and hotels in Denmark price their rooms based on availability, so as they begin to fill-up the price goes up. It can make last-minute bookings a nightmare.

That is where Airbnb comes to the rescue in Denmark. You can find accommodation in every city and town in Denmark for a reasonable price. I could never have afforded the country if it were not for AirBNB. Your own room and bath could be as low as $30/night (less of course for a shared bath or even crashing on one’s couch). The prices are fair and honest and even with the fees associated with Airbnb it still comes out that you save a great deal of money versus the alternative options. I never thought I would become so dependent on Airbnb until I took the solo travel route in Denmark.

The other positive to Airbnb, given that Denmark can be a very isolating country for the solo traveler because of the lack of hostels and opportunities to meet people, is that you will meet people. The people I stayed with in Denmark were incredibly kind and friendly. It definitely helped my mood to have someone to talk to after being on my own so much. I never knew how isolating solo travel could be until I went to Denmark.

If you want to survive Denmark without having to sell a kidney as a solo traveler, get ready to embrace the Airbnb experience. It is worth it, completely.

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