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The Gringo Restaurants In Banos, Ecuador Failed Me

There is a level of excitement that occurs when you reach a new destination and find it is filled with gringo restaurants. Eating the local fare is a requirement when traveling, but having a hamburger that is similar to what you would find at home is heavenly after months on the road. Even more so […]


The Blood Sucking Vampire Mosquitoes Of Bucaramanga, Colombia

Mosquitoes. Just mentioning this pesky flying insect sends everyone into a frenzy of hate-filled diatribes. I have always included mosquitoes in the same category as every other biting insect whom I despise with a vengeance. It is not the mosquitoes fault, they are simply following their given path in life to suck the blood from […]


The Most Expensive Item In Macedonia (FYROM) Is….?

The $6.00 Bottle Of Contact Lens Solution In Macedonia

CONTACT LENS SOLUTION!!! Yes, that is correct. Out of all the items you can buy, the most expensive item in Macedonia is contact lens solution. Granted, it comes with a new shiny contact lens case but still, at just over $6.00 a bottle the cost is actually higher than what you would pay in the […]


Buying Birth Control Pills In Eastern Europe, The Down And Dirty Details

Available Brands Of Birth Control Pills In Eastern Europe

The following information is obviously for the female readers out there; female travelers who depend on modern medicine to keep their body in check, so to speak. If you reside in a country that does not offer birth control pills over-the-counter, such as The United States of America, you know how difficult it is to […]

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