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Solo Travel In Denmark: Airbnb To The Rescue

Copenhagen: Where bike parking outnumbers car parking.

Planning to solo travel in Denmark? Sign up now for Airbnb–you are going to need it. Denmark is an expensive country to travel in whether you are on your own or with someone else. I was shocked to discover that hostels are a bit of a foreign concept in Denmark. Outside of Copenhagen there is […]


Audible Books On Kindle To The Rescue!!!

Bus rides of 6, 10, and 12 hours are in your immediate future. Plus a few 2 and 3 hour journeys. Your MacBook Air decided six weeks ago that it would no longer play sound, and you’ve not been in a city that has a service center. Your Sony Xperia Z cellular phone stopped working […]


The Moment You Hate Everything In Your Travel Backpack

My Maxpedition Fliegerduffel Travel Backpack

It has been nearly three months that I have been on the road and I officially hate everything in my travel backpack. It is not because of the weight; my backpack has actually gotten lighter. This may be because I have a dwindling supply of fruit strips, and I am no longer carrying three bars […]


Beware The Freckle Monster! Hand Me The SPF 100.

My Bottle Of Freckle Monster Protection, SPF 100

Prepare for the heat. Good advice for someone traveling to Ecuador. Another good piece of advice: bring SPF 100 sunscreen or beware, the freckle monster is going to get you. You can wear SPF 50; I have been every day on my face and body since I arrived in Ecuador. I always did at home […]


Travel Beauty Essentials For Your Skin

Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 50+

On a recent overnight trip to San Francisco I realized there are a handful of beauty products I always travel with, regardless of the destination. They are my skin’s travel beauty essentials. Whether I am headed to the mountains, humid locales, or experiencing harsh air in a big city, they are the items I cannot […]


Travel Insurance For A Computer, It Is A Reality

MacBook Air

Having traveled to many parts of the world with my computer I always had to deal with the uncertainty that it would not be in my hotel or hostel room at the end of the day. This is not to say that I do not trust people, in general, but we must be honest with […]


The Most Expensive Item In Macedonia (FYROM) Is….?

The $6.00 Bottle Of Contact Lens Solution In Macedonia

CONTACT LENS SOLUTION!!! Yes, that is correct. Out of all the items you can buy, the most expensive item in Macedonia is contact lens solution. Granted, it comes with a new shiny contact lens case but still, at just over $6.00 a bottle the cost is actually higher than what you would pay in the […]


Buying Birth Control Pills In Eastern Europe, The Down And Dirty Details

Available Brands Of Birth Control Pills In Eastern Europe

The following information is obviously for the female readers out there; female travelers who depend on modern medicine to keep their body in check, so to speak. If you reside in a country that does not offer birth control pills over-the-counter, such as The United States of America, you know how difficult it is to […]


Discovering A New Use For My Travel Beach Towel

The Beach Towel As Used For A Shower Water Bumper

I never leave home without my travel beach towel. It is a smaller version of what I use at home, and much lighter and thinner. It also only cost me six dollars so if I lose it it is easily replaceable and leaves no room for being upset over leaving it in a foreign country–as […]


To Wear Pasties, Or Not? A Girl’s Dilemma When Preparing To Visit A Nude Beach

I’m about to have my first nude beach experience, thanks to my upcoming trip to Vama Veche, Romania. If you have no idea where this town is, you are not alone, I didn’t until I started reading about Romania and happened upon it accidentally. Vama Veche is located south of Constanţa, Romania, very near to […]

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