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Enjoying Carnivale In Crucita, Ecuador

The view from my sanctuary during Carnivale in Crucita, and all the people on the beach.

On a very hot and sunny afternoon in Canoa, Ecuador a newly made friend, whom I referred to as Garth from Wayne’s World due to his striking resemblance to the character, I was informed that Carnivale in Canoa was going to be absolute madness. Call me naive, but I did not think Carnivale was a […]


If You Don’t Drink, When You Wake Up In The Morning, That’s The Best You’re Going To Feel All Day

A Pina Colada In Ecuador

Quotes. I don’t remember many, and even my time spent as a film critic did not help the matter. People would quote a famous line from a movie and I would stare at them blankly, having no idea what movie they were referring to, or character. The problem still remains, and I do not particularly […]


Beware The Freckle Monster! Hand Me The SPF 100.

My Bottle Of Freckle Monster Protection, SPF 100

Prepare for the heat. Good advice for someone traveling to Ecuador. Another good piece of advice: bring SPF 100 sunscreen or beware, the freckle monster is going to get you. You can wear SPF 50; I have been every day on my face and body since I arrived in Ecuador. I always did at home […]

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