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The Moment You Hate Everything In Your Travel Backpack

My Maxpedition Fliegerduffel Travel Backpack

It has been nearly three months that I have been on the road and I officially hate everything in my travel backpack. It is not because of the weight; my backpack has actually gotten lighter. This may be because I have a dwindling supply of fruit strips, and I am no longer carrying three bars […]


Welcome To Mindo, Ecuador …Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirt, Socks, And My Sweater

The Flowers Bloom In Mindo, Ecuador

It only took seven hours by non-airconditioned bus, but I have arrived in Mindo, Ecuador. Mindo is known as the cloud forest of Ecuador. It is a luscious forest, where everything is green, the birds are constantly chirping, and the hummingbirds, especially, enjoy their time buzzing to an fro for the delight of the lucky […]


The Blood Sucking Vampire Mosquitoes Of Bucaramanga, Colombia

Mosquitoes. Just mentioning this pesky flying insect sends everyone into a frenzy of hate-filled diatribes. I have always included mosquitoes in the same category as every other biting insect whom I despise with a vengeance. It is not the mosquitoes fault, they are simply following their given path in life to suck the blood from […]

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