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Audible Books On Kindle To The Rescue!!!

Bus rides of 6, 10, and 12 hours are in your immediate future. Plus a few 2 and 3 hour journeys. Your MacBook Air decided six weeks ago that it would no longer play sound, and you’ve not been in a city that has a service center. Your Sony Xperia Z cellular phone stopped working 2 months ago. You shipped it back to The States for repair in Texas, and it was found to be defective. The replacement device Sony promised to ship you in Ecuador never arrived due to the incompetence of the Sony shipping department so you have no phone that can play video, music, or your favorite audible books. What is a traveler to do?

Audible books on Kindle to the rescue!!!

Did you know that your Kindle will play Audible books? Neither did I. Call it a blonde moment but I had no idea Audible books on Kindle devices existed (aside from the Kindle Fire). This is mostly because I have an ancient second generation Kindle. It is big, gray, and ugly. No fancy Paperwhite version for me. But I love my Kindle, and could not live without it. I love it even more now that I discovered Audible books will play via my Kindle, and I am not referring to the text-to-speech option where you get the computer generated robot voice that scares me because I have come to realize a computer can read–this is not a new observation of course but being a child of the 80s and lifetime student of film I continually live with notions of SKYNET and computer’s becoming self-aware. This has already happened, but thankfully they are not setting off bombs and attacking our cites, yet. Audible books on Kindle play the voice of the narrator of the book. Genius! They do take up quite a bit of space but who cares. There is plenty of room to share between “real” books and Audible versions.

Without a computer, a phone (although I do have a loaner, an iPhone 4, with an itty bitty screen that is like watching a movie on a pop tart) I have come to rely on my Kindle even more now for hours of entertainment. I enjoy reading, and only recently have jumped on the Audible bandwagon. I still can only listen to non-fiction books via Audible; blame my wild imagination but I like to assign voices to the characters in a book myself and narrators ruin the imaginative properties of reading for me. I did download one sinfully good fiction choice of the romance variety that I plan to fall asleep to and concoct vivid dreams from. Everyone needs Jude Deveraux’s “A Knight in Shining Armor” in their life, and on their Kindle.

Audible books on Kindle has become my saving grace for keeping me entertained over long bus rides. The six-hour ride today will not be fun because long bus rides never are but it will be less painful given the hours of Audible content I have downloaded onto my Kindle. I may even learn something, too, given my first selection for the day will be “Don’t Know Much About The U.S. Presidents.” I am a bit afraid of what I might learn, but it will make for good dinner conversation this evening.

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