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Quora: What are things to do around Quito, Ecuador?

Answer by Kathryn Schroeder: Banos is one of the easiest destinations to get to if you only have the weekend, being around 3 hours away by bus. There are plenty of activities there, including mountain climbing, hiking, rafting, and zip lining. It is also a beautiful town to simply walk around and enjoy. If you […]


Quora: Why is there no movie theater in Cusco, Peru?

'American Hustle' Colombia Movie Poster

Answer by Kathryn Schroeder: Actually, there is a movie theater in Cusco. It is Cineplanet, and is located at the Real Plaza mall–a 5 sol taxi ride from anywhere in town.  They show dubbed and original language (English) films. Why is there no movie theater in Cusco, Peru?


Haunted Hostel Living At The Drop Bear

There are travelers who seek out a haunted hostel. The thought is a fun one, to spend the night with a ghost and possibly have an excellent story to go home with. But what about those of us who just happen to stumble upon a haunted hostel? A place where advertisements do not exist to […]

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